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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beginning to blog about my brick walls

I've been considering blogging as a way to resolve my family history brick walls for several years. In fact, I created this blog in 2006 or 2007, I think. Unfortunately, family circumstances didn't permit me to spend time on blogging.

When time became available, I debated about the blog again. At that time, my concerns were more practical -- privacy. Since this impacts my brother and his family as well as me, I was concerned that I'd be "giving too much away" if I blogged about my grandparents.

Fast forward a few years, I've decided that talking about my grandparents isn't likely to cause irreparable harm. They're all deceased (as of 1997), and my parents are both deceased, too.

I've decided to concentrate on my mother's family. In particular, I'm going to try and work through the brick walls of her father's family. I've chosen this side of my family in part because I've worked them back the farthest, and in part because it's the only part of my family that allegedly arrived before the Revolution.


Lisa said...

Welcome to geneabloggers!! I hope your blog helps you to break down the brick walls you're after. I am sure you'll enjoy blogging about them, regardless. There are some great tips about blogging over at if you haven't already seen them.

Steve said...

This link is from the "Sullivan Whig" and gives the name of a daughter of Joseph H. Norris who married Elisha A. Green. For many years I did not have the daughter's name, but knew a daughter of Joseph married Elisha A. Green (a supervisor of Forestburgh, as was Silas T.L. Norris). This link gives her name.

Steve Norris

Steve said...

In 1850 Joseph H. Norris, at age 61, was living in the home of Josiah and Huldy Seeley. Joseph's own son, Silas T.L. Norris, was living with his family next door. This leads me to believe that Huldy was born Huldy Norris and that she was a daughter of Joseph H. Norris and sister of Silas T.L. Norris. It should be noted that Silas T.L. Norris named a son Joseph Seeley Norris. The name would have been after his own father, Joseph, and his brother-in-law, (Josiah) Seeley.

Steve Norris

Joan said...

Steve, thanks for commenting! When I started this blog I hoped it would be cousin bait, and it has! I knew Silas had a few sisters. I had Huldy's name as Hulda or Huldah (can't remember, and I'm on the bus to work). I thought I'd found Joseph H Norris in his own household in 1850, but I'll look at that again when I get home tonight.

Silas was quite a character, and I believe he also served at least one term In the New York State Assembly.

I started this blog to help figure out who Silas' mother was and where his (Joseph) came from. I'm still posting what I've found about Joseph S, but then I'll start on Silas.