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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hardwood, NY - where is it?

My great-grandfather's death certificate stated that he was born in Hardwood, NY. His marriage certificate indicates that he was born in Sullivan County, NY.

But where is Hardwood? Is it in Sullivan County? Is it elsewhere in NY?

When in doubt, turn to Google! So I googled "Hardwood, NY" (with the quotes). And I got a lot of results about hardwood floors. Hmm. Maybe I need to go about this a different way.

So, I googled "Sullivan County NY towns" (without the quotes). The first result was from the New York HomeTownLocator website here. There was no "Hardwood" listed, but there was a "Hartwood" and a "Hartwood Club". Hardwood and Hartwood sound alike, so it's possible that the doctor who wrote the death certificate misunderstood the name. Or, my great-grandmother told the doctor the wrong name because she misunderstood it.

Back to Google I went, this time to search for "Hartwood, NY". One of the first links was for a Wikipedia article for Forestburgh, New York. The article said that the Town of Forestburgh was located in Sullivan County, and it included the hamlets of Hartwood and Hartwood Club.

My conclusion from this is that the information I had about Edward Ludlow Norris' birthplace was consistent on the marriage certificate (Sullivan County, NY) and the death certificate (Hardwood, NY).

Onward to finding Edward's birth records. I hope.

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