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Lastra (Boal, Asturias, Spain; Richmond Hill, Queens, NY)

Norris (Orange County, Sullivan County, New York County, Queens County, NY)

Ledogar (Eschbach, Alsace/Elsass, France/Germany; Kings County and Queens County, NY)

McIntyre (Ballyshannon, Ireland; Kings County and Queens County, NY)

Barthelme (Weyersheim, Alsace/Elsass, France/Germany; New York County, NY)

Ahearn/Ahern (Ireland; New York County, NY)

Bradley (Ireland; New York County, NY)

Christen (Switzerland; New York County, NY)

Gerber (Switzerland)

Huss (Weyersheim, Alsace/Elsass, France/Germany)

Murphy (Ireland)

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Steve said...


Follow this link and you will see that Silas T.L. Norris was Supervisor of Forestburgh twice.

Also, I have ALL of their ancestors back to 1150 AD in England if you are interested.

I'm impressed with your record hunting! I've been doing this for over 40 years and am a distant cousin of your.

Steven Norris (714-264-7432 in CA)